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Real Estate.

Company Overview

Saxony Capital Management was formed in 2016 as a boutique real estate investment and advisory firm located in Dallas, Texas.

Saxony’s core competency and primary business strategy is centered on providing investors direct real estate investment opportunities with varied hold periods, ownership structures, and yield objectives.

Saxony targets like-minded partners seeking risk-adjusted returns which properly accommodate the venture’s real estate investment strategy. We offer the following broad suite of investment services to our partners and clients to achieve this goal:

Joint-Venture Sponsorship

Asset Management Services

Separate Account Advisory

Acquisition Services

Strategic Consulting

Saxony multifamily property upgrades

Core Business

Saxony specializes in acquiring real estate assets that provide opportunity for value enhancement through reposition, market displacement, capital improvements and asset management expertise. Our goal is to provide the investor with cash flow yield and capital appreciation – as well as tax benefits associated with depreciation and amortization.

Our Mission
  1. Identify, acquire, and improve multifamily projects
  2. Provide an enhanced living environment for our residents
  3. Produce top-tier, risk-adjusted returns for our investors.
Our Core Values
  • Create value for investors and residents
  • Maximize risk-adjusted returns
  • Develop long-term relationships with like-minded partners
  • Provide efficient, proprietary access to unique investment opportunities
  • Commitment to precision and integrity
Our Strategy

SAXONY sources opportunities directly through investment sales intermediaries and other in-market relationships. Our principals’ wide ranging experience across a variety of asset types and markets allows SAXONY to differentiate itself among its peers in the industry.

  • Active Principal Investor
  • Experience/Relationships in the Market
  • Off-Market Opportunities
  • Property Management Relationships

In general, SAXONY targets primary and secondary markets with sustainable growth projections in Sun Belt and select market locations with the  characteristics below:

Saxony map image
High Quality-of-Life Attributes
Deal Size Appropriate
Strong Population Trends
Attractive Cost of Living
Established or Growing Economy
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